4 Sep

What is missing at Apple – besides Steve Jobs? Well, take a look for yourself.


Although there are only nine in this shot, ten executives are currently profiled on Apple’s web site. And none of these execs are women.

Andrea Jung, Avon Cosmetics’ CEO, serves on Apple’s advisory board, along with Al Gore. But in the everyday executive trenches, there’s not a single female to be found. When you do the math (which I hear is still not our strong suit), maybe we haven’t come such a long way, baby after all.

In a story for Forbes, Victoria Pynchon introduce a seven-woman army of Silicon Valley attorneys called The Chipsters, who are taking their message of empowerment on the road to tell aspiring female barristers, “Yes you can, sister!”  Too often,” say the Chipsters, “women are reluctant to ask for what they need.”

Maybe we’d rather tell than ask, but it is crucial to have women in the top spots for a multitude of reasons:

  • as role models for other women.
  • to have the opportunity to make big decisions on our terms.
  • to have our opinions and included in the conversation.
  • to make the world a better place for our daughters.

Apple has a reputation as one of the more progressive companies in the US and, thanks to iTunes, is also one of the most powerful forces in the music business. If we can’t get some equality there, then where?



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