Ladies of MEOW Day – Suzanna Choffel

7 Nov

The artist whose name I have heard most frequently and reverently around Austin the past year is, without a doubt, the great Suzanna Choffel.

Austin suffered a huge loss when Suzanna relocated to New York a couple of weeks ago. But our loss is their gain. This super talented artist is destined to take the big city by storm.

Suzanna is coming all the way back to Austin to be on the MEOW Day panel “Crossing the Line: When Fans Get Too Close.” I can’t wait to hear what she has to say on this topic (which I will be moderating).

Enjoy this live video and you’ll see what I mean. And check out her latest album, “Steady Eye, Shaky Bow.” Brilliant.

Have you gotten your tickets yet for MEOW Day at Momo’s? Less than a week away and only $10 in advance. Get ’em now before they sell out!! 



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